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Ridgewood water heaters last around ten years, give or take, depending on how much maintenance is put into them. Because of the NJ climate, many of us have boilers to provide the hot water and home heating. Most of the New Jersey water heaters here are run on gas and there are many combo-units. Gas fueled appliances absolutely need maintenance and the gas lines tested for leaks at least annually.

Only a licensed and certified plumber, electrician, or HVAC technician who is authorized to work as a gas fitter should work on your water heater whether it’s powered by gas, oil, or electricity. Electricity and gas fumes are dangerous, so if you aren’t qualified please don’t work on them or try to install one yourself. You may be successful, but every time you are risking your life and the life and health of others.

Instead, call a professional and be safe. If you haven’t found a reliable water heater repair or installation contractor in Ridgewood, then call Water Heaters NJ. We would be glad to help you out.

Servicing Your Residential Water Heater In Ridgewood

As the cost rises to keep our homes comfortable with hot water and a cozy warm home during winter, it makes perfect sense to keep the water heater or boiler working well. Servicing your water heater keeps it functioning longer and more efficiently. You’ll also need fewer repairs when everything is already adjusted and kept clean.

Gas water heaters and boilers need to be tested at least yearly, if not every six months. Commercial water heaters need attention much more often because they are larger, serving multiple families or large businesses, and can be more complicated. Call for a seasonal flush out to keep your residential water heater tank clear of buildup and it will last longer. That sediment buildup is what causes rust and corrosion throughout your plumbing system. It’s also what makes the unit less efficient.

Commercial Water Heater Maintenance In Ridgewood

If you have a commercial water heater, you will be responsible for ensuring the unit is maintained and complies with safety code requirements. The codes change, usually getting more stringent. Call us to ask questions because you may need testing, repairs or certain upgrades to comply. If you have a gas appliance, this is for the safety of your property and the community.

Water Heater Equipment We Can Help You With

While we can repair any make or model of water heater in Ridgewood, if it can be repaired at all, we tend to stick to the tried and true brands for installation from AO Smith, Bradford White, Rheem, and Utica Boilers. We know these brands well and know they give you the most efficiency for the money.

Our technicians work on electric water heaters, gas water heaters, solar water heaters, tankless water heaters, and boilers. Whether you need repair or installation, we’re ready to get to work for you. Call for an estimate today.


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