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It’s so easy to never think about the water heater because it works so quietly and is out of sight, out of mind. How long has it been since you’ve had your water heater in Clifton serviced? There’s no way around keeping up with the maintenance if you want it to last and expect it to run efficiently and safely.

Call Water Heaters NJ if it’s been some time and you need water heater repair. It could be time to replace it if it’s been around ten years or so. Keep your water heater in great shape and it will provide you with efficiency and the hot water you need.

Our technicians work on all types of water heaters and boilers in Clifton. We carry high-quality New Jersey water heaters and boilers that come with a standard 6-year warranty. If you would like a quote, just give us a call or schedule one online.

Servicing Your Residential Water Heater In Clifton

There’s no denying that you rely on your water heater every time you need hot water. When it isn’t working, you’ll need to get it fixed by a professional. To avoid problems, you can have your residential water heater maintained seasonally. The water heater tank needs to be flushed and cleaned out about every year and the machinery tested and adjusted. Gas water heaters should be tested for leaks along with all the gas lines and connections. This helps keep you and your family safe.

Commercial Water Heaters In Clifton

Boilers and water heaters are being upgraded in Clifton to conform to the latest safety codes. If your commercial water heater or boiler in Clifton hasn’t been upgraded in a while, you may be due for one.

If it doesn’t need it, be sure to have the system regularly tested for gas leaks and other problems. A large boiler or water heater explosion can take out a whole block if a gas fire is involved.

Tankless Water Heaters For Clifton Homes

People used to only consider a point of use tankless water heater, but homeowners in Clifton are discovering how wonderful they are for the whole home. There’s an incredible amount of energy savings to be had with a tankless system.

Think about all the hours upon hours that your water heater pulls electricity for power. It never ends. With a tankless water heater, the unit only turns on when you demand hot water. They do cost a little more to install but are well worth it.


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If you need professional water heater services in Clifton, New Jersey, call 973-882-7733, or fill out our online request form.

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